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Weeping Tile Direct

is a privately-owned Canadian company.

Located in Edmonton, Alberta, we serve all of Canada.

We manufacture 4" and 6" single wall drainage tubing or weeping tile, made with the highest quality high density polyethylene (HDPE). 

We also supply all fittings and accessories such as tee’s, couplers and end caps... and much more.
Weeping Tile Direct utilizes advanced computer-controlled equipment with touch screen operation. We constantly strive to improve equipment and procedures to produce the highest quality drain tile in the industry. Weeping Tile Direct adheres to the A.S.T.M. F405/F607 and the BNQ 3624 North American and Canadian standards when manufacturing our products.

Weeping Tile Direct offers perforated, perforated with filter fabric, and solid weeping tile.  HDPE weeping tile is flexible and available in straight lengths and coils. We offer 4” weeping tile in 10 foot lengths. Coils are available in 50ft, 100ft, 150ft, 164ft, and 250ft.  6” weeping tile is available in 100 foot coils. 

Weeping Tile Direct has the capabilities to produce 4 million feet of drainage product per year; we try to source all supplies through Canadian suppliers, e.g. Chempoly Distribution Inc., Polymont Polymers, and Ampacet Corporation. 
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Weeping Tile Direct supplies weeping tile for the construction and agricultural industries. Four-inch weeping tile is primarily used on home foundations but is not limited to this application. It can also be used in septic drain fields, also known as leach beds; retaining walls around your sheds; in your flower beds; and so much more. 4” weeping tile can be used where ever you need to move a body of water from one place to another.

Weeping tile is being used in the agricultural market; it lowers the water table forcing crops to grow taller and stronger increasing the overall yield of the crops. 6” weeping tile is primarily used for large commercial buildings and arenas, and used in road and bridge construction to keep water from pooling around bridge pillars and low points.   

Weeping Tile Direct is committed to producing the best quality weeping tile with the best service in the industry. We take pride in our work and endeavor to go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Weeping Tile Direct offers fair and competitive pricing on all products. We will warranty any product manufacturing defects with direct replacement of rejected products.

Our policy is to offer delivery within ten business days from the date of order barring no equipment breakdowns. We offer free delivery in the Edmonton area on full truck loads, and competitive shipping rates to places like Calgary, Fort McMurray, Vancouver, and Saskatoon.

We look forward to being your choice in quality Canadian manufactured drainage tile.

Greg Plested, General Manager
p: 780-371-9528 
c: 780-903-5580

Cory Van Oers, Production Manager
c: 780-499-9010

12831 55 St NW
Edmonton, AB, T5A 0C6
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