4 inch 6 inch drainage tiles

perforated drainage cloth

Weeping Tile Direct

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Weeping Tile Direct is a manufacturing company of drainage tile.

We make 4 inch and 6 inch in diameter and meets all specifications and have
the newest technology in the field. 

Our team is made up of qualified personal that have worked in plastics for over
30 years    
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4" Perforated Tile available in 50ft, 100ft, 250ft coils and 10ft sticks

4" Perforated Tile with Geo Textile Filter Cloth

4" Solid Corrugated Tubing

6" Perforated Tile available in 100ft coils and Maxi’s available.

Assorted Fittings

12831 55 St NW, Edmonton, AB, T5A 0C6

Greg Plested,
General Manager   780-371-9528  |  c: 780-903-5580

Cory Van Oers,
Production Manager   c: 780-499-9010

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